Top 5 Most Beautiful Beaches in Jimbaran Hills Bali

By: Bagus Negara

Bukit Jimbaran, or the wellknown with Pecatu Hill is a region full of popular tourism attraction in Bali, in addition to having many beautiful beaches, Bukit jimbaran is also has several other attractions such as the complex of Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue and the most famous is Uluwatu Temple over the world. Bukit Jimbaran, located in the south of the city of Denpasar and Ngurah Rai International Airport.

On this occasion, I would choose the Top 5 Most Beautiful Beaches in Jimbaran Hills Bali. The aim is that you do not skip any of the five gorgeous beaches so your holiday is going to be perfect

The Famous of Padang-Padang Beach.

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The beach is very well known at all over the world, even more so when the increasingly popularized by Julia Roberts in the film Eat, Pray, Love. Located just below the highway and watched from above there is enough to make you amazed. get into this coastal region is fairly unique by passing through a narrow cave which is located just below a temple to praise the god Varuna or the Ocean Lord in Hindu belief in Bali. The beach is also known by the world-class pro surfers because it’s always being Host for Word surfing competition implementation annually.

The Hidden and Quiet of Bingin Beach.

Bingin beach is very hidden, if someone came here without a guide it is hard to find. even the access like did not want many people to know about this home. but if you are a person who likes the tranquility of enjoying a beauty then this beach is suitable for you. located in difficult access does not mean that this beach has no support facilities it’s already widely available villas offer a tranquil atmosphere even you do not hear the noise of others besides the waves and wind gusts beach and the sound of birds and insects. because this is why people come here.

The Riveting of Balangan Beach.

Flanked on two sides by high cliffs, and if looked at this beach from the cliffs you like looking at a vast expanse of ocean as far as the eye can see. Tropical beach characteristic with green grass and dozens of coconut trees is the perfect place to relax. Not so crowded in widely beaches seems like we own the beach. actually not only having wide shoreline , this beach also has good waves for surfers to try out their skill conquering the waves. as well as Padang Padang beach, Balangan beach also sometimes included in the calendar of world-class surfing competitions.

The Gorgeous of Dreamland Beach.

If there are beaches that never slept in the Jimbaran Hills so The Dreamland Beach is the exactly place. surrounded by elite hospitality area to make the most of the visitors are people who really want to have fun. Extravagance music with upbeat tone as not stopped even though the sun had fallen asleep on the western horizon. pleasant atmosphere became a magnet for tourists, with crystal clear blue beaches and perfect waves for the amateur surfer, this is the place where they learn before coming to the beach which full of pro surfer like Padang Padang or Balangan.

The Perfect of Blue Point Beach.

Blue Point Beach is the beach that is not as famous as Padang Padang or Balangan Beach, somehow. but the way I feel, it seems like the guest or people who had been there do not want anyone else to know about the stunning because it is too perfect to be shared and they wont if a lot of people paly on that beach. The beautiful scenery, soft sand, exotic caves under the rocks, small ponds are formed naturally, the water is clear and calm on the beach and perfect waves for the surfers that can play in the middle even small fish are often clustered at the shoreline as interacting with visitors to the beach. a warm atmosphere is being the main advantages of this beach.

And those are the Top 5 Most Beautiful Beaches in Jimbaran Hills, Come… Get Burned and Chill out the time by visiting the fifth beaches which have so much exotic characteristic. Then of course visit also other beautiful places in Bali. Happy Holiday… 🙂

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