Top 10 Most Famous Balinese Cuisine

By: Bagus Negara

In doing trips to the stunning places then of course we do not only sights seeing the nature scenery, get acquainted with a new culture and shopping then of course there’s a thing that should not be missed is about the food of the area and really incomplete if you come to a place without trying some among others.

Well, here we will present to you some typical food from the island of Bali’s most famous throughout the world, I believe once you try it then it will definitely impress you forever and wanted to come in and try again.

Well, here’s the Top 10 Most Famous Balinese Cuisine.

1. Ayam/Bebek Betutu
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Ayam/Bebek Betutu is the most famous cuisine if you travelling to Bali, betutu is a chicken / duck grilled on medium heat are wrapped by using the leaves, usually banana leaf. There are many types of herbs and spices for cooking process so that the taste of betutu very unique and rich of spices.

2. Serombotan.

the origfrom the areainally of serombotan is from klungkung in the eastern part of Bali. serombotan is actually various kinds of vegetables which are mixed together with various herbs or if you wish serombotan also often called the Balinese salad.

3. Babi Guling.

Similar to betutu where there are many spices used for cooking and inserted into the stomach that has been cleaned and baked then twisted or cycled around just above the coals for several hours. for Balinese the most delicious part of the pork roll is crunchy skin if it has been cooked.

4. Lawar.

Lawar is a a mixture of meat and serombotan but it’s processed by chopped then definitely must be chopped, lawar usually used as a complement to the main meal.

5. Urutan.

Of course you known already and ever taste the sausage don’t you? well, balinese has their own version of sausage, balinese sausage is called urutan. So what the difference between the usual sausage with balinese sausage? balinese sausage or urutan is made by the intestines of pigs and it containts of various kinds of meat and vegetables or lawar canbe used. Then fried and smoked so,it will hold up to many months.

6. Tum.

Tum is pieces of meat which wrapped by banana leaves, which also contain of the spices and then steamed. tum mostly made by fish which is chopped, but tum also made by pork, chicken or duck.The taste is so delicious, You may try to taste.

7. komoh.
Komoh is balinese soup that uses braised pork. komoh advantage is the sauce that contains of spices that has warm flavor and refreshing taste.

8. Jukut Ares.

Now we talk about Jukut ares, believe it or not jukut ares is made by banana tree trunk. but hold on.. is not just any banana stems. banana stems that can be used to make jukut ares only the innermost layer of banana stems, the basis part of the banana tree exactly. Jukut ares is usually processed together with duck meat or chicken.

9. Rujak.
Rujak is Balinese fruit salad, where this salad has 3 types of taste: sweet, spicy or sour and can also blend it all.

10. Sate lilit

Satay is the fish meat which finely chopped with various spices then were pressed at the end of a stick and then baked.

well, those are the Top 10 Most Famous Balinese Cuisine. so if you visit Bali do not forget to try these foods as a complement to your trip.

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