Tirta Gangga, Beautiful Water Palace in Bali

By: Bagus Negara

Tirta Ganga is a Water palace which is located in Karangasem Regency, approximately 2-hour drive from Denpasar to the east of Bali . Tirta Gangga water palace was built in 1948 by the King of Karangasem named Anglurah Anak Agung Ketut Agung Karangasem. Tirta gangga was built as a stopover place and recreation for the royal family and state colleague who visited Bali at that time and then not long after that tirta gangga open to the public and tourists.

Tirta gangga is a complex variety of ponds like a koi pond, a lotus pond and swimming pool. The water palace has three main ponds with beautiful fountain monument in the middle, in nuanced ancient bali building, water palace presents the beauty of complete water park.

Tirta Gangga

Built in a village near the Agung mountain as the highest mountain that most sanctified by Hindus in Bali. the baeutiful mother nature and cold weather was being reinforcing natural impression as the main reason things to do in Bali.

As for the meaning of Tirta Ganga is Tirtha means holy water and Gangga refer to the Holy river in India and by Hindus over the world. Then for sure the name is not just a mere name because the water in Tirtaa Gangga is like crystal clear then comes straight from the spring by the old irrigation system where the water but effective where the water affectively irrigate the farmer fields

Lotus Pond

by the first entered the Tirta Gangga complex you will be greeted by some of the statues as sign of welcome. There is a pond with various statues in the middle and you can pass it by walking on the stepping floor available among the statues inside of the pond.

statue in tirta gangga

Tirta gangga pound

Tirta gangga koi pond

A large pond that connects to the other corner with several small fountain in the middle and two sculpture bridges with dragon statue which enhance the beauty of this waterpalace. at the center of this place there’s also a monument with the fountain which very beautiful. All of the pond in this tourism attraction except the pool for swimming is lived by various types of fish, especially koi which of them has aged decades it is no wonder some of them have a very large size.

tirta gangga swimming pool

big koi fish in tirta gangga

big koi pond in tirta gangga

in another side of tirta gangga there is a swimming pool where it is one appeal of this water palace because many local and foreign tourists had come to swim. You do not need to worry about the quality of the water in this pool because it is very clear, you can even drink it immediately because the water coming from the fountain which then continues to flow. The swimming pool is also fairly large so you can still doing your recreation even there are visitors coming

Tirta Gangga Tourist facilities

the Supporting facilities which available in tirta gangga is there’s a restorant at the top of the complex which serves a variety of dishes and drinks. In addition there are various ponds and supporting facilities, there is a temple that is regularly visited by the congregation.

Well, anyway… That’s a variety of things that you can enjoy in tirta gangga hopefully this water palace became a major part of your trip in Bali, Happy Holiday and Enjoy Bali. 🙂

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