Sindhu Beach

By: Bagus Negara

Sindhu Beach is one of the best beaches in Bali, still in Sanur area, which is adjacent to Sanur beach, Sindhu Beach can even be achieved by walking as far as 2 kilometers to the south of Sanur beach.

slightly different of Sanur beach, Sindhu beach is chosen by foreigner as known quieter, cleaner and has more water sport attractions

This Beach has sloping characteric beach and the water is not really rough, Sindhu beach is extremely good for the visitors who want to swim, because it’s wavy beach belonging.

Sindhu beach is more visited by foreigner as well as in Sindhu Beach are we are going to find many hotels and restaurants. Sindhu beach also has more water sports, such as jet ski and other which could be hired straight away.

Here some pictures of Sindhu Beach

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