Munduk Waterfall, Enjoying Freshness of Bali’s Highlands

By: Bagus Negara

Do you love waterfall tourism object? Bali has so many beautiful waterfalls to choose. In this web you will find so many articles about the waterfall. Please take a look at the categories of waterfall for the list most beautiful waterfall in bali. Okay, for the discussion of another things to do in Bali, we will talk about Munduk Waterfall. Before this, the article about Golden Valley waterfall that has been posted and published. That waterfall is located in the same area which is in Munduk village.

Munduk Waterfall Location
Munduk waterall is located in Munduk Village, Singaraja regency. It is located at the area of mountain which has very fresh air. It also has so many nature wonder tourism objects which are categorized to be the best in Bali. Location of Munduk Waterfall is about 70 km at the north of Denpasar. You can reach that place for 2 hours of driving. The time that you really need is longer because the road are slope and wavy. It will connect you from Denpasar to Singaraja. [Go To MAP]

About Munduk Waterfall

Because the waterfall is located at the mountain and hill location, this village is having very fresh air and atmosphere. The whole area is also fulfilled by so many cloves trees. It also has some chocolate and coffee trees. Munduk village and the other village around are well known to be the main commodity of that kind of plantation. It happens because the volcanic soil is pretty good for plants.

munduk waterfall in bali

To reach munduk waterfall, you have to take the way to Busung Biu district. It is about 10 km from that area to get the destination. The location is near the main road, so it is easy to be found. After you found the parking area of the waterfall, you have to take a walk for about 400 meters. Vehicle cannot be used to reach that way. Although you are walking, it will be fun because there are so many unique highland tropical vegetation.

Munduk waterfall Characteristics

Munduk waterfall has 20 meters of height with one direction of waterfall. The waterfall area has large sized reach so there are so many places to enjoy the waterfall up-close. The pool that is located under the waterfall is really impressive. You can swim or bath there. The plants that are located around will improve the topical atmosphere in this place. These trees make the scenery is so colorful.

Well, they are some information that can be delivered to you. Hopefully the information can burn your passion to go to the new places along the holiday in Bali. Hopefully it is useful, happy travelling and enjoys Bali.

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