Makepung, Buffalo Race From West Bali

By: Bagus Negara

Makepung is a traditional buffalo race Bali, usually popular in the western area of ​​Bali as Jembrana Regency, the origin of this race was introduced in 1930 at which time the farmer has to harvest together to express their sense of excitement because the harvest is successful then one with others doing the buffalos spur race to the village, and by thet time the buffalo born then Makepung or Buffalo Race to become a routine agenda every year.

Makepung comes from the Balinese language means romp. Two riders each spur two buffaloes pulling “cikar” or a cart. The bulls are decorated in such a way and wearing a bell around his neck. Racers wearing traditional clothing Bali, poleng gloves ( Black & White color ) and wearing a headband patterned Balinese, and the participants also shared by the two regions if they wear the green color means they come from villages in west Bali while those dominated by red color surely they come from Bali’s eastern region.

Makepung excitement begins when the referee waved flags mark the race began viagra 50mg. Driver immediately drove on the track of the track around the rice fields. Path length is usually around 1-2 km and trajectory shape not only straight but also there are corners that make the audience hold their breath will see the riders traverse the curve at high speed. The buffalo racing rules be fairly unique because instead start on equal footing they will race together with hand in hand, how to determine the winner? if the buffalo in front of his opponent was able to surpass more than 10 meters then he is the winner, if the buffalo behind is able to reduce the distance of less than 10 meters ahead of other buffalos or even another one can surpass in time at the finish line, the second one is the winner.

The main prize of this race is not the material gifts but those who participated in this race prefers honor their villages if emerged as the winner and will be considered as a hero to the villagers. it also sometimes why Makepung or buffalo races referred to as the race for honors.

Makepung was held in the district of Jembrana, Bali approximately 3 hours drive from Denpasar. which is held usually from August to October in which these future farmers have harvested their crops. The match was held in rotation in each district. At the peak of the game in October will compete for the Governor Cup and will be followed by hundreds of riders from all regions in Jembrana. Audiences both local and international tourists can watch from the edge of the race track with a short distance away, and therefore need to be careful and look right and left in order not to get hit by a high-speed of buffalo.

Well, how it sounds? exciting is not it? Makepung buffalo races or you can use as an alternative to the best tourist attraction during your visit in Bali where you can get closer and see more of this fascinating Balinese culture.

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