Jimbaran Beach Bali, Seafood and Sunset Paradise

By: Bagus Negara

Jimbaran beach is the closest beach to the Ngurah Rai international airport and the most easily accessible because it is located just in the south of the airport which made jimbaran beach being main beach spot tourist visits when visiting Bali.

Jimbaran beach known as the fishing village so do not be surprised if there traditional houses and fishing boats (traditional fishing boats back) along the beach and a row of seafood restaurants that serve seafood diverse. so if you are looking for seafood, Jimbaran beach is the best choice because not only can enjoy delicious seafood freshly caught by the fishermen, you can also enjoy the beautiful beach of Jimbaran, which is very long and has a length of ramps for up to 3 kilometers.

Jimbaran Beach

Beautiful Jimbaran Beach Bali

At the end of this beach there is also a traditional market that sells fresh marine products such as fish, shellfish, lobster, crab, squid and many other seafood. When after the fishermen goes to sea would normally sell their catches straight away in this market.

Then, now we are talking more about the beaches. white sand are the main characteristics of the the beach jimbaran. If you are lucky then you can see directly the activities of local fishermen are doing work ,which is also carried out on the shore starting from the use of nets, lines or even prepare them for fishing

Just Order any seafood at Jimbartan beach in the evening, because this time, the atmosphere of the beach will be felt. While enjoying the seafood you can also enjoy the beautiful sunset . But do not move out after sunset because the ambiance is going to be wonderfull at night, with torches and alloy arts also singer of the band in tropical atmosphere provided by the restaurant will make you more and more impressed with it. In some restaurants also sometimes they provide balinese dance performance.

What an amazing… are you interested in coming? May Jimbaran beach be one of the main destination while on vacation to Bali. 🙂

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