Golden Valley Waterfall at Munduk Village

By: Bagus Negara

If you are asking if Bali is only contains beach and culture, you are totally wrong. There are a lot of beautiful places that can be chosen as you wish. There are so many natural attractions that are available. One of them that will be discussed here is the waterfalls. Bali is actually the heaven of waterfalls. There are so many beautiful waterfalls in Bali. One of them is the Golden Valley waterfall. Let’s talk about Golden Valley waterfall deeper.

Location of Golden Valley Waterfall
Golden Valley Waterfall is located in the Munduk village, Singaraja city. It is about 70 km from Denpasar. It is about 2 hours of driving. In Munduk village, you can find the other waterfalls such as Munduk waterfall. [Go To MAP]

History of Golden Valley Waterfall
There must be a reason why this waterfall is called as Golden Valley. There is a unique cause that makes this waterfall is called to be Golden Valley. The story begins when the Dutchman who stay in the village visiting the other people home. His daily job is to be the gardener. He never expects that the land of the garden that become his place of work is existed near the very beautiful waterfall. This waterfall does not recognize by the people except the villagers itself. At that time, Munduk waterfall is more famous around the foreigner.

Because he feels falling in love with the waterfall, the Dutchman visits the waterfall pretty often. He commonly thinks about something well because the atmosphere is very comfortable and calm. One day he asks to the owner of the garden “Why nobody knows about this waterfall?” The owner of the land answer that the garden and the land are belongs to someone. The gardener gives advice to the owner of the land to open traditional coffee house nearby. It makes people are easier to drink coffee or anything. The owner of the land agreed and the store is exists until today. Sadly, the waterfall has no name yet. That is which it is called as Golden Valley; the land contains so many trees of cloves which are colored gold when the flower is bloom.

The Beauty of Golden Valley Waterfall

From the name, this waterfall is surely located in a valley of Munduk village. Because this waterfall is located in the private land area, it has personal rule. However you do not need to be worry because you do not need to pay any entrance ticket. But do not worry to keep the cleanliness and the politeness. As the thankful presents of entering the area, you can buy a cup of coffee that can be ordered from the nearest traditional store. There are also some types of coffee that makes the taste of enjoying the golden valley waterfall is more valuable. The store is completely built by using the bamboo. It has a direct view to the waterfall.

golden valley waterfall in bali

Now, let take deeper discussion about Golden Valley Waterfall. This is a waterfall that has 15 meters of height. The water is pretty clean and clear. There is also a pool that is greatly shaped under the golden valley waterfall. You can swim there safely. It is also located in the center of hills with the mountain atmosphere. There are also some other trees such as coffee, chocolate, cloves and many more. Although it belongs to private, the management of golden valley waterfall is good enough. There are some flowers that makes the golden valley waterfall is more beautiful.

beautiful golden valley waterfall

traditional coffee house in golden valley waterfall bali

The access is also pretty easy. You just need to go down into the valley through the walkways. You will never feel so tired because the impressiveness of the scenery. With all the beautiful placement of plants, walkway setting and also so many beautiful natural scenery, Golden Valley can be a worth place to be visited. It is a water fall that has special contour and character. So the golden valley waterfall is pretty unique and also impressive for everyone who wants to get new experience of visiting the tourism object.

These are some reviews about the Golden Valley Waterfall. Hopefully you can make it as one of your things to do in bali. Happy Travelling and enjoy Bali!

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