Beautiful Dreamland Beach

By: Bagus Negara

One of the 5 top beaches in the area next Jimbaran Hills that we discussed is the dreamland beach. This beach is widely touted as the “New Kuta Beach” because of the similarity atmosphere. Even for visitors who have been to this place, it is often said that the beach is in better condition. then it is not as busy as Kuta beach due to some people do not like the atmosphere too crowded. Dreamland beach Bli surrounded by cliffs towering and by large rocks around its shores. This is not owned by kuta beach as the first wellknown beach in bali.

Beautiful Dreamland Beach Bali

Dreamland beach in white clean sandy beaches, located in below the steep cliffs create stunning panoramic scenes. The uniqueness of this panorama also became the target of the surfers, not only can swim and enjoy the crystal clear water, also tempt every visitor a beautiful sunset, enjoy the beautiful nature, peaceful with the sound of waves. the history of dreamland name just because first, this area has a housing project and attractions. But the project is hampered thus be neglected while the villagers Pecatu who lived as a farmer really hope the project is completed and they can pursue other businesses in the field of tourism. Because of the huge expectations of the people and this land into the land of their future then they gave name of this land to dreamland. And now, this area really emerged as one of the attractions of Bali are very popular, especially for foreign tourists who like to play surfing.

Because it has become a popular beach, the access to get to this beach is easy, in the area of luxury hospitality make dreamland beach also has a lot of supporting facilities ranging from five-star hotel, whichis completed by a restaurant, to the golf course and of course a good security facilities

At one corner of the cliffs there is a restaurants and hotels with the ocean view, well if you want to be on the dreamland land and want to enjoy it in private with views out to sea while enjoying a meal or your favorite beverage, so donot need to have big deal for trying though itwill cost you little bit more.

The visitor of thiS beach are mostly family, or partner because it has a charming atmosphere, a beautiful and romantic sunset view in the evening, Well, pleased to offer you to come and enjoy the holiday bi complete unforgetable moment. wish you have a captivating holiday in Bali with Us.

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