Campuhan Twin Waterfall Gitgit

By: Bagus Negara

Today’s the things to do in bali is visit Campuhan waterfall. It is also often called as the Campuhan Twin Waterfall. It is still located in the Buleleng district. Many people should be confused why most of the Bali waterfalls are located in Buleleng regency. It is even reaching 95 percent of waterfall in this island. It happens because the topography of Buleleng which is surrounded by the hills and mountain at the south side.

Besides that, Bali is really the heaven of waterfall. Although Bali Island is only having 6000 kilometer square of width, it has lot of famous waterfall. Some of the waterfall are even hidden and does not verified yet. There are a lot of waterfalls that are waiting to be found. So, the possibilities might create Bali to have 30 waterfalls. How is about that? Cool, is not it? Without spending time, here is some information about Campuhan Twin Waterfall.

Campuhan Twin Waterfall Location
You must know about Bedugul, is not it? Bedugul is the highland which is exactly placed in the center of Bali Island. It has famous tourism object like Bedugul Park, Pura Ulun Danu, Beratan Lake and also the twin Lake Buyan and Tamblingan. From here, you can go north to the city of Singaraja. The distance is about 15 kilometer from Bedugul. It is about 65 kilometer from Denpasar. You does not need to be confused to find the place because the entrance access is exactly located at the side of the main road. [Go To MAP]

The Beauty of Campuhan Twin Waterfall

Do not be confused and even worry if you are never heard about gitgit waterfall. Campuhan Twin waterfall is the different place, in Gitgit you will find 2 waterfalls, and one of them is on our discussion this time.
Actually, Campuhan waterfall is having 3 large sized waterfalls. The positions of these waterfalls are in stars and are far away each other. One of the waterfalls which are most famous and often used for swimming is the top one, it is the twin one. That is why it is called as twin.

gitgit campuhan twin waterfall

Activities to do in Campuhan Waterfall

The atmosphere of this waterfall is really beautiful. It is natural and very calm. The high location is also make this waterfall is really enjoyable. The weather is very peaceful. It also has some natural pool that you can choose. You can pick the deep or the other one. You can even play some skate around the stones.

the river at gitgit campuhan twin waterfall

There are also some rope that can be used for swinging and jump directly to the pol. It must be amazing and fun. If you do not want to make yourself wet, you can also just sit around the waterfall and enjoying the scenery of Campuhan Twin Waterfall.

Security Factor of Campuhan Waterfall

Watch out, this waterfall is having levels, so it is not recommended at all to be too close with the waterfall. If you obey the rule, you can be taken down and falling to the waterfall. A waterfall that can be used for swim is in the top. It only has 2 meter of depth and have calm water. The other waterfall has 8 meters of depth and it is very dangerous for swim.

beautiful campuhan twin waterfall

Access and Facilities in Campuhan Waterfall

When you are in the first time of parking the vehicle, there will be a walkway that has been made and directly drive you to the waterfall. The journey will not make you feel so tired because the arrangement of the walkway is good enough. You can even look at Singaraja city when the weather is fine. There are some types of flowers that are available especially when the weather is good.

Around the Campuhan waterfall, you can also find some traditional stores. You can order cups of coffee or even the hot tea as the way to against the cold weather around. Hopefully these explanation and guide can help you very much in finding the place. Happy travelling and enjoy Bali!

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