Blue Point, Most Beautiful Beach In Bali (Full Pics)

By: Bagus Negara

So this is what it looks like we are waiting on the magical thing, what is Bali could give to the world, then I dedicate most beautiful beach in Bali, the blue point beach. The Gods might be created this place whe They are in Very Good Mood condition the given to man who appriciate Beauty.

Well, it may sound odd but this is my first time in a writing poetry, and it was enough to describe how beautiful and fascinated this beach. thus, there exists one beach of the top 5 most beautiful beaches in Jimbaran hills bali. And it is Blue point beach. Located adjacent to fields beach, the gorgeous that famous by Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love. Approximately just 3km to the south of the fields and the location is a bit hidden indeed sometimes often overlooked by the tourist, but for the guest who has been to Blue point beach then Padang padang Beach might be being the second choices.

I assume you’ve found the blue point and only need parking ticket for your vehicle in order to enter this area and does not require any additional costs, at least if you do not buy antyhing like a cold drink or lunch at the bar or restaurant which available here.

Top hill view Blue Point Beach Bali

The layout of their own beach is right at the base of the cliff and looked at the blue point on the top of the cliff is not a wise choice, because you only see a small portion of this beach, because as I said before that this beach is hidden and the true paradise is under there. Step your foot down a few dozen stairs to reach the beach and do not be influenced in many souvenir shops on either side with a variety of beautiful stuff at a low price because you can do it later after returning from the beach so as a reminder that you have been in heaven.

blue point beach

The right time at the end of the stairs there is an obstacle again and will be a problem for those of you who have fears about excess in height. Yes, a last step towards the beach that does not have a handle. a nightmare is not it? no! Resist it! only need one more stairs to get to “heaven” and it does not mean anything to a beauty. a moment you set feet to the sand, you have been prepared to explore clicking blue point from any angle and I’ll tell you a secret that you can enjoy this beach from three sides, or four sides if you’re a surfer. you certainly will not be able to enjoy it if just looking at the beach from the cliff and given up to the height.

Alright then…. let’s begin to explore.
In the main part of the beach has a width of approximately 15 meters and is also the entrance to the sea, the surfer heading into the middle to get the best waves. The beach itseft is surrounded by rock that always acts as an umbrella when it feels excessively hot sun at midday. Do not want to rush into the water? it’s not a big deal at all, sunbathing while reading a book or listening to your favorite music would probably be the best choice or accompanied with cold drinks that you can ask to be provided and escorted by the bar staff. absolutely perfect is not it? or what if you get around for awhile to see the other side of Blue Point beach.

blue point beach

blue point beach

blue point beach bali

blue point beach

On the left there are the halls of the cave where you had to duck to get through and at the end of the cave lies the stretch of beach as wide as 200 meters and begin to be amazed because this is where you can spend a day at the beach. At the edge of the waves were very calm. there are also many pools as naturally occurring and you can soak in it. This beach may have many coral reefs, but is not as sharp as it seems, even very gentle and does not harm, this is why many people love it. if lucky you can also soak along small fish which naturally caught in these natural pools. Really nice atmosphere. Very soft sand, clear water and calm, laughter, silence, the waves in the distance, the sound of singing birds and beetles, as well as a gentle wave that swept waves seaweed that grows naturally along the beach. is perfect at all.

under cliff blue point beach

hidden blue point beach

beautiful blue point beach bali

surfer in blue point beach

Blue point beach is intended for those who love the tranquility of the loner, happiness for friends, romance for those who in love, the challenge for the surfer and warmth for the family.

blue point beach seaweed

natural pool blue point beach

beautiful natural pool blue point beach bali

beautiful hidden blue point beach bali

As for some of the existing support facilities at the beach, there are plenty of bars and restaurants available at the edge of the cliff so no need to worry about lunch because the restaurant business here provides a wide variety of favorite dishes and at an affordable price certainly. Waeeyyyyy, you are the surfer who likes to show off to friends? there is also an action photo service providers who are ready to capture the best moment when you ride the waves, they certainly are very professional in taking pictures and even if you are an amateur, they can make your photo looks like a pro surfer, then offer you to get a great price.

surfing in blue point beach bali

for security, unfortunately there is no lifeguard here so do not do freaky out things like taking a surfboard where you do not even know how to swim. still be in reach of other people. but still there will be a lot of eyes that will oversee and look after each other, especially the friendliness of the local people so you do not need to worry. Keep the beach, even if you are given permission to bring drinks into the water while bathing. Because there are still young visitors with the family so they’ll be comfortable.

The bad news is when the water is at high tide so you just can enjoy the beach because the main part of the cave hallway toward the other beaches have been covered with water so you have to wait the tide being low. But actually it will not be a long wait for high tide usually lasts only a few moments. So the best time is half tide for enjoying the beach time.

Well, seems to have been largely of blue point beach I’ve mentioned and many other things that need I point to describe its beauty. Then the best way is you have to come straight away to this beach to feel how I refer to as the most beautiful beach in Bali. Have so much captivating day holiday fellas. 🙂

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