Bingin Beach, Beautiful Hidden Beach in Bali

By: Bagus Negara

And this is the beach in Bali that needs struggle to be achieved, because it was hidden so you need to notice to the directions carefully if you do not want to get lost in order to achieve bingin beach.

Located in the Jimbaran hills and became one of the top 5 best beaches in Jimbaran Hills, then you need to come occasionally to the bingin beach as well suited for those who like the hidden beach. just 30 minutes from the international airport Ngurah Rai and can be reached by using a motorcycle, but you will not necessarily be able to enjoy the beach as soon as you park your vehicle because as I said to reach this beach do need extra struggle, but it looks like those of you who are familiar exercise then it will not be difficult to reach it, other things you need to consider is the access to a fairly complicated as you enter a labyrinth because if you do not notice to the directions then you will get lost.

straigt away below the limestone hill after you pass some narrow alley which full of villas serving tranquility to the guests because the area of bingin beach be away from residentia local people. You need to go down a few dozen stairs and flanked by small restaurants with the view to the offshore then you arrived at the hidden bingin beach.

Unlike the other beaches, bingin beach does not have the degree of flatness wide so to enjoy the beach is the best time to come is when it has high tide or at the day, or if you already fell in love with this beach because the calmness what if you all just stay here, the villa rental prices are not so expensive, you can enjoy many amenities and the tranquility of bingin beach which away from the crowds.

absolutely the sunset on the bingin beach perfectly beautiful because it faces towards to the west so while relaxing in the evening enjoy the sunset with friends, couples or families will be fun.

although there are several rental surfboard and the beach has waves were quite good but bingin beach not a place for the pro surfer because they prefer balangan beach or Padang Padang beach.

Bingin Beach Bali

Calm Wave Bingin Beach Bali

calmly wave bingin beach

Beautiful View of Bingin Beach

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