Banyumala Waterfall, The Most Beautiful Natural Swimming Pool

By: Bagus Negara

Have you ever think that you are only capable to enjoy the scenery of the natural place that you visit? Do you ever want to enjoy more than just enjoying its beauty? Have you ever think about enjoying the water by swim on it? Even you are allowed and capable to swim, do you think that the waterfall is really safe for you? We are sometimes afraid if the waterfall is too dangerous. It can be in the form of large debit of water that falls down and create the huge hole that can make you absorbed in it. So, if you are someone who really love the scenery as well as the sensation of its water, Banyumala waterfall is the best location ever. Here are some reasons why this waterfall is called to be the best waterfall in Bali.

The Location of Banyumala Waterfall
This is located at the Buleleng regency. It is around the north side of Bali. This regency is the area which can be said to be the heaven of waterfall. Almost 90% tourist destinations in this regency are in the form of waterfall. Most of the waterfalls in Bali are placed in Buleleng regency. It is pretty easy to found the regency. All you need to do is just to go around Bedugul as the main landmark. Then, you can ride north until you find three junctions that connect Singaraja city. Take left when you arrive near the lake of Buyan and Tamblingan. Pay attention to the direction that is placed in the right side. Now, all you need to do is just to follow that way. [MAP]

Banyumala Waterfall and its pure clean water

Bali arises with lot of type of waterfall. You can even be confused to choose which waterfall to visit. There are some those spectacular, long and also very high. If you want to find the waterfall with these criteria, which is a waterfall that beautiful and safe, Banyumala waterfall is one and only answer that you should take.

banyumala waterfall

This waterfall is located in a valley with three sides of waterfall. The highest and the largest one are located at the center of it. The other smaller one are placed at the left and right side. There is a natural pool that makes this waterfall is really famous.

With its clean and pure water, you will feel so safe to swim around the pool. You can even look at the base of the pool because the water is very clean. The depth of this pool can be up to 2 meters. However the diameter of this pool is about 20 meter with the round shape. It can afford pretty much people inside.

Can you swim? If you do not be able to swim, you do not need to worry. It can be the place for you to learn swimming. Just ensure to avoid the weekend in order to get the spacious experience.

beautiful banyumala waterfall bali

The unique aspects that you will see when visit Banyumala waterfall is that many visitors are coming alone. They are looking at the waterfall in so long time because the atmosphere is peaceful. Most of them are even left their camera and tend to enjoy coffee or tea while enjoying the waterfall. The atmosphere makes everyone love to stay here.

Access to the waterfall

Do you remember what is mentioned first? When you find the direction of Banyumala waterfall, there are 3 kilometers of bad road condition. You have to be careful when passing it. Ensure that you park the vehicle a little bit away from the waterfall because the road is too narrow.

When you are arrived at the parking area, you have to go through the small walkway for about 400 meters. It will drive you into the ticket box with small store nearby. The cost for an entry is only 10.000 rupiahs.

It is not over yet, there will be smaller walkway which is in the form of traditional stairs. It is little bit creepy, so remember to watch your step and be careful. When it is rain, the stairs are much more slippery. However after you arrived, all your effort will be paid off. Hope this waterfall be your one things to di bali. Have fun and enjoy Bali.

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