Balangan Beach Bali

By: Bagus Negara

Talking about the best beaches in Bali there will be no end because it is a lot of beautiful beaches exotic in Bali which may not be able to visit all of them at one time visiting, because actually you need to come for visiting all beautiful beaches in Bali, and even if we are talking about the beach because there are many things you need to see in Bali. but this time let’s we just talk about the beach

so, do you want to enjoy the beautiful sunrise in Sanur beach or the captivating sunset in Kuta beach? of course everyone knows both of those beaches. what if the choice of other beaches are no less beautiful? This time I will talk about Balangan Beach.

Balangan beach is one among the top five best beaches in Jimbaran Hills of which is Padang-Padang beach, Blue Point Beach, Dreamland Beach and Bingin Beach. Because those are still in one district so Balangan Beach does not have too much different of characteristics which are too flashy but still has the it owned typical.

Actually not really hard to find balangan Beach as fairly easy access and support facilities at the beach are adequate, and moreover balangan beach known by surfers as hosts of many surfing competitions in the world. flanked by two high cliffs we can choose how we enjoy the beach balangan comfortably, with sunbathing, take shelter in the stalls that provide cold drinks as typical tropic beach or looking at the beach from the cliff, but you must be careful because a cliff in beach balangan very high and steep and does not have a seat at the edges, so for those of you who have excessive fear of heights, enjoy the beach balangan from the shoreline and swimming is the best choices

The other characteristics of balangan beach, this beach has a fairly long coastline and includes a 1 kilometer ramps which are decorated palm tree line that will be complemented the impression in the warm tropical coast of Bali. Well…., if you choose balangan beach as a place to stay while you still in Bali, in this region also has many hotels and villas with full facilities.

As I have said, that balangan beach is one of the beaches in Bali which hosts surfing competitions in the world so it is definitely balangan beach has good waves for doing this sport. What if you do not have the ability to surf but still want to try. do not be discouraged because there are also local residents who will train you to learn surfing

Due to balangan beach facing west so definitely you can enjoy the beautiful sunset. and the best spots are enjoyed from the top of the cliff.

and that’s a glimpse of Balangan Beach, then here we show you some pictures of Balangan Beach.

Balangan Beach Cliff View Ocean

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Dramatic View of Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach upclose

Balangan Beach Bali

Umbrella of balangan beach bali

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